VISA obligations for anybody wanting to Volunteer in our partner Schools

To all prospective volunteers:

For anyone considering participating in our project, you can do so in two ways.

1- Help by volunteering at the local schools. To do this, you will need to have a SOCIAL visa, granted to you by the Indonesian Embassy of your country of residence. You will need a letter from a sponsor in order to proceed with the application, which we will provide to you from the school where you will be volunteering.

This means that you need to prepare your trip in advance and make sure that you allow for sufficient time for this visa to be issued before you set off.

2- Help by building up our campsite and help keep our beaches clean and trash-free. You do not need a social visa to do this, so you do not need to prepare your trip that far in advance. It just means that you will not be allowed to help teach in the schools, and if you are caught doing so under the Free tourist Visa you will be deported from the country. If you are caught under the paid for Tourist Visa then you could still get deported as the laws around this are not consistent as of yet, and we do not want to put anybody in jeopardy of getting deported.

SO - if you want to help at the schools, you NEED to arrange for a SOCIAL Visa to be issued to you before you leave your home country. Otherwise you can still help but just not at the schools.

Get in touch with our team if you need any additional information on!

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