"I've never felt so ALIVE in my entire life engaging with the locals. They are family now.&

TEACHING IN SUMBAWA Had the privilege to teach english to Muslim students deep in a remote village in Twanagan. They were so pure and untainted from Western civilization influences and were so eager to learn and to absorb. (They had no idea who Trump was.) For one homework assignment, they were to state what their dream were, what they wanted to do in the future and why. There were many different aspirations ranging from wanting a car, to teachers, doctors, shop keepers... but the one thing almost all of them had in common was the WHY. It was to help people. There was a mutual exchange of learning going on. And they helped me realize what a community really means. The ones that have come from generations and ones that have grown up together all their lives. How sharing is just their way of life. Whatever form it may be, whatever it is.. how much or how little it is- everything is shared. Where there is no time.. everything just flows. Where you value and enjoy each other's company as long as you can. There is no excess of anything. You don't necessarily get all that you want, but you get what you need. No fluff, no frills. It was such an eye opening/life changing experience to see how another culture lives and see what they value. How different approaches to life teach different aspects. There was so much to learn and to soak up. Thank you Fair Nomad for giving me a little taste of what real life is like in Sumbawa, where this form of living and community is so rare and so precious. I've never felt so ALIVE in my entire life engaging with the locals. They are family now. The world is my home, humans are all of God's creation, and Love <3 is my language.

-Daein Kang

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