Support our work

The teachers need assistance

The local teachers are doing a great job, but we now cater for adult learners too and the teachers need all the support they can get from our volunteers.

Our nomads need support

Our volunteers rely on our funding for their work with the kids and adults; we need to source learning material as well as stationary for the students.

Our nomads need support

Even simple tasks like demonstrating something to the whole class is difficult with markers that do not work well or a blackboards that are not easy to clean.

The boys in Bali

Two of our guides are currently in Bali on an apprenticeship, and they need the continued financial support of Fair Nomad to fund their living expenses, accommodation and to buy the material they need to start their own shop upon their return to Sumbawa.

We work with what we have

The use of simple objects in a classroom to teach english is an effective teaching method, but with better material the entire experience would be much more rewarding for the students and teachers alike.

A spoon!

If we are having such enthousiasm from the kids and adults from a simple spoon, imagine what we could do with a laptop and a projector!

Never enough space

We never have enough space to accommodate every kid or adult who wants to learn in our extra classes. To build an extra classroom costs less than 3,000 pounds GBP.

Our campsites need maintaining

Our volunteer campsites need to be maintained and our staff are paid monthly, whether they are looking after guests/volunteers or not. Your support could alleviate some of our financial stress, allowing us to expand our model to other villages and areas of Indonesia.

Note: Fair Nomad Ltd. is a one-man company. We do not have any staff apart from our guides on the field, no office to pay rent for and no debt or credit to repay. This website costs less than £150/year to run and maintain. Every cent given goes straight to supporting our cause and 0% is spent on "admin". 
We are also desperately trying to pool together enough books and stationary for a new library in the Village of Tuananga. If you have some school stuff you are not using anymore, and we mean ANY stationary or books, please consider sending them to us for use in our schools. The kids we work with have nothing at all...
Drop off address:
Dr Khalil Rhazaoui
Earth Science and Engineering Department
Imperial College London
London, United Kingdom
UPDATE 24/11/2016
We have enough funds to pay our guides and support the volunteer campsite logistically until mid-January 2017 at a stretch. We have not yet had a paying guest, and are in desperate need of extra funding to keep on supporting our volunteers on the filed. Please consider supporting our project financially if you feel this is a worthwhile cause. 
UPDATE 08/08/2017
We have now changed the way that volunteer support they stay with us and do not require financial aid anymore to pay our guides. Any financial aid still helps us run operations so thank you, from the bottom of our hearts, to everybody that helped us get to where we are today :-)