Contacts on the ground

If you need medical attention, or anything else goes awry on the ground, here are some important contact details to have with you at all times.

Dr. Khalil Rhazaoui - Head of operations

Phone: +447807147598

Whatsapp: +447807147598

Skype ID: khalil.rhazaoui




Facebook: Khalil Rhazaoui

Ecot Doya - Medic and pharmacist

Phone: +6285934356677

Whatsapp: +6285934356677

Facebook: Ecot Doya

Ade Putra Masmaulana - Teacher and driver

Phone: +6282341501569

Whatsapp: +6282341501569

Facebook: Ade Putra Masmaulana

Dany Walker - Ding repair specialist

Phone: +6282266225613

Whatsapp: +6282266225613

Facebook: Dany Gizka Jambawa

These details might not be operational at all times so get in touch with Khalil to get his latest contact details.

Michael Beeman - Head volunteer

Facebook: Ging Beeman

Unfortunately (or fortunately) Michael regularly travels the world in his quest for full enlightening and as such does not have a permanent phone number...ask Khalil for his current contact details if you need to talk to him outside of Facebook! 

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